Lab Concern on Haematology

Through the initative of Dr. Morsed Zaman Miah Assistant Prof. of Haematology. There was a lab concern held on Haematology in the Cookie Jar Resturent Rajshahi. The Chief guest of the concern Prof. Dr. Md. Bulbul Hasan Vice Principal & Head Department of Microbiology RMC. The special guest Dr. Sabera Gul Nahar  Associate Prof. & Head Department of Virology RMC. They deliver their valid speach for all the laboratory diagnostic related organization & person.

The Main speaker Dr. Morsed Zaman Miah. Asst. Prof. of Haematology in his long speech he directed about the quality of laboratory Diagnostic Report. And how to Diagnosis a Haematological patient with a single CBC report and others. The program was completed successfully

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